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technology Research and development



As a science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the company has municipal-level technology research and development centers. The company has always been to the state, the industry belongs to the product standards as a criterion, closely with the institutions of higher learning, research and development institutions for technical marriage. The company has 28 R & D personnel, including six senior technical titles, 14 mid-level technical titles, and the appointment of a number of university experts as technical advisers to enterprises, formed a customer demand-oriented, subject to the Institute as a link to technology Team as the main platform for cooperation.

R & D center was established in 2012, responsible for new products, new technology research, development, research and other work, and its active and effective management, mainly reflected in: 1) the establishment of a sound project management system, The establishment of R & D investment accounting system; 3) to carry out research and development cooperation activities; 4) to increase research facilities, equipment investment, improve and enhance the scientific research and development of scientific research and development; 5) to establish R & D personnel performance appraisal incentive system to mobilize the enthusiasm of their work to improve the quality of product development and development efficiency; 6) R & D personnel to carry out the relevant knowledge training, to improve its research and development personnel to improve the quality of their work; Technical capacity, management capacity and the interpretation of relevant laws and regulations.

Company's technology research and development work, by the company directly responsible for the vice president of technology. According to market demand, continuous technological innovation and transformation, increase investment in science and technology, the company annual arrangement of not less than 6% of total sales of funds for technology research and development activities, effectively promoted the development of enterprises.

The center has a 300m2 laboratory, testing center, office space, and construction tower crane, construction lifts, gantry cranes, CNC machine tools, pressure test equipment, protective grounding circuit continuity tester, Megohmmeter, Rockwell hardness, Off test stand, mechanical life test bed, PLC frequency conversion simulation system test equipment.

Over the past three years, the company project development more than 20 projects, the completion of the conversion rate of 85% or more, the relevant technical achievements have been successfully applied to all products manufactured by the company, significant economic benefits, making the company a variety of product technology at home and abroad In a leading level, and sales network and service system for the carrier to get the full recognition of customers.

At present, the company has more than 20 patents, software copyrights. In recent years, the company award-winning, have been awarded the "scientific and technological enterprises in Zhejiang Province," "high-tech enterprises in Yiwu City," "innovative enterprises in Yiwu City," the honorary title of the company's trademark, "Arrow ring," Zhejiang famous brand, Company's products and projects in Zhejiang Province to focus on high-tech products.

Companies adhering to the "achievements of employees happy employees," the corporate mission, practice "science and technology to create the future," the core values, strengthen research and development efforts, for the market for customers to provide quality products and comprehensive services.