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Company Culture


Business philosophy: "Arrow Shenzhou, Wuhuan win-win situation."

Explanation: "arrow" by righteousness "rocket". "China" and "rings", refers to "Greater China", "global village". Indicating that Arrow Electric to get involved in the business areas and business scope to further extend and expand. That is, Arrow Electric will explore the universe, the spirit of an epoch-making, rocket-like high-end avant-garde technology, perfect precision products, quick quality service, similar enterprises in the domestic leader, vertical and horizontal gallop, To become the benchmark leader. In addition, we will expand our international business and share the same goal with the international well-known enterprises of our peers, so as to realize the goal of economic globalization and development.

Enterprise mission: "achievements of customers, happy employees"

Interpretation of interpretation: Customer achievements: to provide high-quality products, services, and customers together the cause of success. Customer success, only the base and the source of electrical arrow ring. Happiness employees: only happy employees can achieve customer success, happiness and achievements of employees and customers, blood connected. Enterprises and employees form a community of interests, the cause of the community, for the staff to create sustainable development of the cause of the platform, so that employees work hard to achieve personal values and happiness of life.

Development goals: "based on local, and create an international brand enterprises"

Interpretation from the reality: start from the moment, based on their own, big eyes, small start, and then to the country, to the world. Will ring the electrical brand to the country, with world-class products comparable to the brilliant, the enterprise into a truly respected by the same industry with a global status of the brand company.

Core values: "From technology to control the future"

Science and technology is the first productive force, the company R & D center as the basis, cooperation with scientific research institutions to customer needs as a link, the simultaneous development of production, research and development enterprises will become science and technology, research and development of science and technology incubator to Core technology to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise content of the overall strength.

The spirit of enterprise: "forge ahead, dare to innovate"

Interpretation: always maintain the mentality of entrepreneurship, and always maintain the passion to create. Entrepreneurship without end, the cause of endless. The pursuit of excellence, never satisfied. Innovation is the eternal theme of enterprise development. Innovation, so that enterprises Yongbao vitality; innovation, sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.