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Gantry hanging on the installation of

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Gantry hanging on the installation of
Recently, Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. workers Li Haoxu, Xu Zhongxin invented the "railway open-car box positioning device" access to national invention patents. In the company's sea-rail transport container operations, this device can be standard containers operating time from the original 4 minutes to 2 minutes to complete, more than double the efficiency.
As an important channel to expand the radiation surface of cargo transport, sea-rail transport plays an important role in Beilun International Container Co., Ltd. In 2014, the container-sea-rail transportation volume of the company has finished 93,000 TEUs, nearly three times. However, the growth in traffic at the same time, due to partial load may lead to rollover hidden danger has gradually become the focus of prevention. Staff, the railway loaded the heaviest container has more than 30 tons, placed in the high-speed train, once the center of gravity that may lead to rollover accidents.
After observation, the company's technical staff found that the container into the high-side wagon when the left and right deviation control in less than 10 cm to avoid rollovers. In order to achieve this requirement, until the train station, the staff in each high-side wagon on both sides of the draw line positioning, gantry crane driver and then according to the positioning line for packing. As a result, despite the security has been guaranteed, but more of a procedure but also makes the operating efficiency also followed the decline.
Relying solely on artificial work to prevent rollover accidents unsustainable, to this end, the Beilun International Container Terminal technical staff after several on-site research, program demonstration and trial and error, the breakthrough will be directly targeted at the grasping of the container gantry crane. Zhang Bin, the company's engineering manager, explained whether the partial load of the container depends on the gantry crane operation. The previous marking on the wagon is to provide the basis for judgment of the operators. If the gantry crane can be fitted with "eyes", it can precisely position itself .
Zhang Bin said the "eye" is installed in the gantry crane spreader on both sides of the mechanical collision block, the thickness of the mechanical collision block according to the loading and unloading required "safe distance" design, in the high side wagon on the container, Block respectively, against the wagon on both sides, to spreader operation provides an intuitive and reliable basis for judging. According to technical personnel testing, the use of the device placed containers, the distance between the error of not more than 2 cm.
After the successful trial of the new device, the technical staff and it has been upgraded, after the mechanical collision block movements also need to be done manually, although the province is not easy, but in the import of electronic systems, the gantry crane driver sitting in the cab You can achieve a mechanical collision of the electric block movements, the entire packing process can be completed independently of one person, no longer need to arrange for each job special assistant. At the same time, the upgraded device can also realize the function switch between the hanging box and the train box of the gantry crane. In other words, the simple gantry crane can complete two different loading and unloading work, which can reduce the purchase cost.
Zhang Bin told reporters that the new device after the full application, with the operating efficiency, the company's sea-rail transport capacity of the boxing is expected to climb to 200,000 TEUs per year, at the same time, security risks will be substantially reduced.